Sales are known to be one of the most difficult pieces of growing a business. We are building into the system a commission for every point of sale. What this means, is that every Barge Member has the ability to create revenue for themselves just by directing traffic into THE BARGE. One instagram post or facebook shoutout could bring members a nice commission for very little effort. The way we will do this is by attaching an affiliate code to point of origin or in the checkout confirm the member who created the point of sale. In this system everyone is a Barge ambassador. (example : Crystal from Harlow Skin Co posts about her beautiful candles in instagram and mentions in the posting that you can find it in the Barge Market Place. The customer makes the purchase of her candle, then starts to browse... They then find the Lock&Mortice dining table and add one of those to their cart. The dining table retails for $4000 and Crystal receives 11% of that which totals $440... YES, we know it’s powerful ;)


On every financial transaction that happens within the system of the Barge a fee will occur. We will be building a robust system that can take payment, create receipts, build purchase orders, create timelines, generate instant payouts to all parties involved while maintaining communication with the customer.


We haven't quite figured this one out yet. We believe we need to prove the system before we can build a standard member fee. No one will be charged until we discuss in a democratic newsletter with the members the member fee proposal. It will probably work on a sliding scale. No fee will mean a larger transaction fee in future, and by paying a monthly fee will mean smaller transactions fees... something like that.

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